South Lake Dolphins have been fortunate to have excellent coaches over the years, with the current team being no exception.

Head Coach – Stefano Di Bernardo


Expanding on our European coaching connections, Stefano joined SLD in the Senior Squad Coach role in April 2021.  Stefano hails from Italy and arrived in Western Australia in late 2016 after a 2 year period in the UK.  Stefano is an accredited Development (formerly Bronze) coach and has 8 years of coaching experience, the majority of which was gained while in the UK and in Western Australia.  He is also a qualified fitness instructor having obtained his Cert III and IV in fitness while in Australia.

Stefano is a former competitive swimmer as part of the A.S.D Rosetana Nuoto in Italy specialising in freestyle and backstroke.  He has helped many swimmers to achieve their goals in competing at both State and National levels in three different countries. Stefano’s passion for swimming and his desire to help all of his swimmers achieve their goals is evident from the very first time you meet him.

Stefano has coached swimmers at SLD to National titles and more state medals that we can remember.

Stefano’s motto and advice to all his swimmers is:

“Amateurs practice until they can get it right, professionals’ practice until they can’t get it wrong.   You decide who you want to be!”

In May 2023, Stefano was appointed as Head Coach of South Lake Dolphins Swimming Club. 


Development Coach – Jordan Davies



Jordan has been coaching at SLD since March 2023. He is a qualified coach and was a highly accomplished swimmer himself, allowing him insight into what the athletes at SLD go through in the journeys to achieving their goals.

Jordan creates a welcoming environment that allows swimmers to progress in a fun, safe and caring way and at their own pace.

Importantly, Jordan knows when to stretch his squads for their benefit.

Jordan is mentored by Stefano.


Junior Coach – Thibaut Collard


SLD is immensely proud that one of our most accomplished competitive members of recent years continues his swimming journey into coaching at our club.

Thibaut continues to train and compete as a member of Gold Squad, he also coaches both Minnows and Youth Squads at SLD supporting our youngest, newest members in working towards progression and improvement.

Having won numerous awards at SLD, Thibaut was appointed SLD Club Captain in the 2022/23 season and is studying radiography at university.

Thibaut has been coached by some amazing coaches during his career, skills he carries into his own coaching.


Coach Development

South Lake Dolphins have a long tradition of coach development, particularly in encouraging senior swimmers to give back to the sport through assistance coaching roles.

As with our swimmers Southlake Dolphins are committed to support our coaches to achieve their maximum potential through providing and supporting development opportunities for all levels of coaching as outlined below.

SATCS Coaches
  • Attend Bronze Course
  • Achieve Bronze Licence
  • Attend Workshops; Club and State
  • Mentoring
  • Internet Research
  • Media resources
Bronze Coaches
  • Attend National Conference to participate in Silver Licence Course
  • Attend State Conference
  • Coaches Workshops
  • High Performance Mentoring
  • Internet Research
  • Media resources

Coach development plans will be established and reviewed annually.

In recent years, our coaches have sought development through a variety of pathways including:

  • National and State Conferences
  • Local, State and inter-State Coaches Clinics
  • Club clinics (guest speaker on Nutrition; Psychologist on fundamentals of a strong squad culture)
  • Inter State Coaches workshop hosted by South Shore Swimming Club
  • Rockingham inter-squad training and mentoring
  • Selected to coach at Talent ID Camps
  • Assisted Black Squad Camps 2013-15
  • Interstate Mentoring from Ian Pope (Olympic Coach)

Coaching Strategy Overview

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