The SLD committee is elected at the beginning of each winter season. The committee meets once a month to ensure the smooth running of all club activities.

Committee Members

President Fabian Dawson
Vice-President Jim Poignand
Secretary Mike Belke
Treasurer Gemma Eckerman
Assistant Treasurer Vanessa Ettridge
Registrar Stacey Kjellgren
Public Relations Officer Yana Palelei
Records Officer Erika Wallington
Assistant Records Officer Glen Armstrong
Fundraising Coordinator *POSITION OPEN* (click here to help out)
Club Night Coordinator James Hewitt
Social Coordinator *POSITION OPEN* (click here to help out)
Equipment Officer Svet Roberts
Coaches Representative Ray Utting
Communications Officer *POSITION OPEN* (click here to help out)

If you need to discuss any club matters, or wish to put a proposal to the committee, please contact one of the above people.

Club Captains and Vice-Captains

Male Club Captain Jamie Luff
Male Club Vice-Captain Riley Stolk
Female Club Captain Marnie McKenna
Female Club Vice-Captain Tamara Grec


Life Members

Bev Green, Trevor Green, Nina Trapp, Lyn Kapor, Jenny Norton, Frank Norton, Win Scott, Jason Vowles, Travis Kapor, Jackson Norton, Kim Blackburn, Peter Kierath, Claire Kierath, Andrew Kierath, Debbie Luff and Kevin Kalembar.